Friday Favourites: National Theatre Overload!

Another theatre edition of Friday Favourites again and I’ve only seen one show this week!

It’s been a tad busy week for theatre, what with tickets going on sale for two big London theatres AND the Olivier nominations being announced.

I live tweeted my response to the whole thing on my breaks. And I may or may not have laughed out loud when I saw Mark Gattiss nominated for Best Supporting Actor. I love Gattiss as much as any other Sherlock fan. But did anyone actually see that play?! I did. Nobody was good in it, they were all brought down by the play itself.

Speaking of the National, that brings me onto my first favourite moment…


As You Like It

The cast of As You Like It. Photo by Johan Persson.

This has never been my favourite Shakespeare play. It’s not even my favourite Comedy. But it has some great lines in it, obviously the ‘All the world’s a stage speech’. And there’s a melancholy throughout which I find far more interesting than any comedic aspect. Just look at this line: ‘only in the world I fill up a place, which may be better supplied when I have made it empty’. And that’s not even Jacques, it’s Orlando!

Anyway, I managed to get last minute Entry Pass tickets for the National’s production of As You Like It and in its final week too! The set was amazing for the forest scenes and I enjoyed what they tried to do with that. Unfortunately, it was all a tad over complicated visually and emblematically, resulting in a mix of Shakespeare meets Star Trek in the opening scenes.

I’ll be reviewing it soon, so I’ll let you know what I thought of the rest. But it’s always good to see a Shakespeare play and tick another one off my #37Plays365Days challenge!


‘Tickets, please…’

Source: The National Theatre

Tickets went on sale for a few major london theatres this week. National Theatre general booking opened this morning, although Entry Pass got early access yesterday.

Did I mention how much I love Entry Pass?

Next season didn’t have that much to excite me, but there was one I was hoping to snag some tickets for: The Threepenny Opera. Aka, that show half of us pronounce as THREE penny and the other half thre’penny, the musical theatre equivalent of the heated discussion as to how you pronounce gif: gif or jif.

I mean obviously it’s thre’penny. And gif.

Booking opened at 8.30am and with a cast featuring Rory Kinnear and the adaptation penned by Simon Stephens, I wanted tickets. Not enough to miss my train to work while waiting for them to go live, but still. An hour later when I got into work, I managed to get two seats for the show! And I can’t wait until July!



Source: Young Vic

The other theatre to open bookings this week is slightly off West End theatre the Young Vic. I’ve not been massively enamoured with its recent season, if you recall my review of Macbeth a few months ago. But there were a few decent looking shows on offer this season, including A Girl is a Half Formed Thing, Blue/Orange and The Nest which all look promising.

Plus, booking online was actually doable without the website crashing. So kudos to both National and Young Vic for achieving this. Oh for and both offering discounts for under 25s.

In the end, I only bought tickets for one show: Once in a Lifetime, a show about the advent of motion pictures and the effect it has one three New Yorkerswho set up an eloqution school though it doesn’t quite all go to plan! It sounds quite funny and I haven’t seen the Young Vic do comedy, so fingers crossed.



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