What I’m listening to…Jogging edition

The holidays are slowly approaching…

…far too slowly for my liking, but I’m counting the days anyway!

And in some vain attempt to look half decent, around this time of year I start to try and lose some weight by taking up jogging. I say ‘start’ and ‘try’ because after about the first two days, I either get exhausted or bored or a cold.

Source: Ultra Marathon of Life

But this year will be different (I tell myself). I’ve got a jogging schedule, decent shoes and jogging tips, including sleeping in my jogging clothes…? Plus,yo, turns out I have a secret weapon: a kick-ass-totally-pumped-for-jogging-soundtrack.

You know, those songs you listen to and you can’t help but gesture emphatically along to or stride purposefully into a room lip syncing them. Note: make sure the room is empty first though! So here are some of my favourite power songs, arranged into three short groups. So it sort of builds, then slows, then builds again for one last big number!

Oh and I did I forget: it’s entirely comprised of songs from musicals. Whether it they be from a full blown Broadway or musical TV episode or film, they’re here. Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below! Because I’ll need them!

1) Overture/Going Through the Motions (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
2) We Can Do It (The Producers)
3) Kickapoo (Pick of Destiny)
4) And Then There Were None (Spring Awakening)
5) One Day More (Les Miserables)

6) Man Up (Book of Mormon)
7) Totally Fucked (Spring Awakening)
8) Positive (Legally Blonde the Musical)
9) Carnaval Del Barrio (In the Heights)
10) Defying Gravity (Wicked)

11) My Shot (Hamilton)
12) One Song Glory (RENT)
13) One Short Day (Wicked)
14) I Believe (Book of Mormon)
15) Non Stop (Hamilton)


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