Friday Favourites

Did you have a nice weekend?’


‘So what did you get up to?

‘Uhhhh…absolutely nothing!’

Increasingly, I find myself answering this question in this exact manner. And wholeheartedly unashamedly. Sure, I could be jogging or shopping or rambling or something people actually do at the weekend. But I am just content getting home, sleeping and running errands. For now!

Can you guess how this weekend will be spent…? Well actually I’m seeing a few flats, but mostly the same as above. But since weekends off doesn’t really qualify as my favourite moments from the week…


Miss Atomic Bomb

Image by Bronwen Sharp. Source: St James Theatre 

Does anyone know when press night is for this?! Because I really want to write about it now.

It’s only got a short run in London, though I’d hope for some kind of run elsewhere afterwards. If you can get tickets, do. Catherine Tate, good! Simon Lipkin, good! Cheesy-glitter-glitz-and-glam-but-with-really-heartfelt-moments…



The Tempest

Image by Marc Brenner. Source: Shakespeare’s Globe

You could say I’ve had somewhat of a …tempestuous relationship with this show. In that every time I’ve tried to go, I’ve been unable to get tickets (sell out run, pretty much), or I’ve got tickets and otherwise been indisposed.

But now I have a ticket for Monday and it’s in the pit! I’ve only sat there once, but it’s always an experience! Plus it’s ticking off another #37Plays365Days. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing the RSC’s production later this year too.


Almeida Season

Ralph Fiennes in The Master Builder at the Old Vic. Image by Manuel Harlan. Source: Old Vic.

Tickets aren’t on sale, full cast hasn’t been announced, they haven’t even officially announced what they’re staging, but I’m already excited at the mere prospect of the Almeida’s summer season.

Oh. And did I mention: it’s very Shakespeare heavy from the sound of it!

Earlier this week, it was reported that Ralph Fiennes would lead a production of Richard III. This marks a busy year already for Fiennes, following his run in The Master Builder at the Old Vic which finishes on the 19th March 2016. As if that wasn’t enough, rumours are still swirling of Andrew Scott taking the lead in Hamlet. Which I am dying to see, in equal parts because 1) Andrew Scott. As Hamlet. And 2) can you imagine what the Almeida will do with Hamlet! I’m hoping something very American Psycho stylistically.


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