Friday Favourite….

It’s the last week of Playing Shakespeare, I have a number of work deadlines, and I’ve had a whole heap of forms to sign (fortunately, not all work related). It’s been a busy week, to say the least!

And I’ve only been out one night at The Tempest!

Needless to say, I am so ready for Easter Weekend and the prospect of four days in a row off. Having said that, it’s already filling up with seeing various people before…’ll find out in a second. But it’s basically why Friday Favourites has been reduced to Friday Favourites this week.

That’s not to say I haven’t had other high points this week, but most have been somwehat eclipsed by some rather big news…



A few weeks ago we put an offer on a flat at asking price. Unfortunately, a bidding war ensued between us and another party which inevitably we lost. Because we had offered asking price. And when asked, the others upped their offer significantly. And it’s just stupid to go above asking price. We didn’t even realise that was an actual thing in the renting market! Nor did anyone else we asked!

Anyway, as fate would have it that offer fell through and we got the call. So the last week has been busy with signing forms and I’m pleased to say we’re moving in tomorrow! It’s a very quick turnaround: literally this time last week I found out the offer had only just been accepted. So it’s been a bit of a mad rush getting everything together. Thanks to Claire for getting like the majority of communal stuff and my Mum for organising the majority of my stuff. Seriously, Claire thought of everything. Even a wooden spoon!

Those of you who read my blog frequently may recognise her. She’s my go to theatre buddy and is almost as much a fan of theatre as me. Mostly because she is an even BIGGER Disney fan and that takes a lot of her energy! We went to Disneyland Paris back in January and she’s the Mother Gothel to my Cruella de Vil. Literally!

Which means I fully expect the flat to be covered in Disney/theatre/Harry Potter merchandise and posters. I’ll post some pictures of it once it’s been disneyfied and theatreified and do a little feature on decorating my room. So stay tuned over the next few weeks!


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