What I’m listening to…American Psycho

Source: iTunes

Following it’s successful, sold out run on the West End, American Psycho- the Musical opens this week on Broadway. I was lucky enough to see it during its limited run at the Almeida in London and was impressed with Duncan Sheik’s soundtrack, a mixture of new song and some restyling of classic 80’s tunes.

In preparation for previews, Entertainment Weekly have released the soundtrack with the Original London Cast. For American audiences, it’s a good taster of what’s to come with the Broadway version. For those of us who saw it way back when and heard rumours about a soundtrack also way back when…

Source: Gurl

…not quite twelve years of it…but still.

Since it’s only available to stream at the moment, it’s not my go to commute playlist. But it is my work playlist which makes for great listening. Word to the wise though: make sure your headphones are SECURELY plugged in before listening. It is a tad awkward when your headphones are half in and all your colleagues can hear is:

  1. Matt Smith talking about his hot body.
  2. Chainsaws.
  3. ‘When I cut off her hand!’

There really isn’t a lesser of three evils there. Odd looks all round either way!

Check out the soundtrack. My favourites are ‘Killing Time’, ‘Cards’, ‘If We Get Married’ and of course the remastering of ‘In the Air Tonight’. And if you can’t get enough of it, American Psycho- the Musical soundtrack is available to download on iTunes from the 25th March.


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