What Theatre am I Seeing: April Edition

April is just around the corner, which means May is slightly further round the corner, and June is just about out of sight but close enough you can just about see it. And I am counting down the days until June, because that’s when my next holiday is!

I’m seeing quite a few things this month, from new shows to some more immersive experiences and some shows I’ve seen before but which keep me coming back for more…

Harry Potter Locked Room Challenge (Enigma Quests)

Source: Time Out

Bloody hell!

I’ve only ever done one other locked room style experience, which was The Contemptible Case of Charles Pace at Basic Space. That was a lot of fun and had some similar puzzle solving elements to it.

I’m even more excited about this one, because 1) puzzle solving and 2) Harry Potter themed puzzle solving! And it means I might stand half a chance…or none at all…need to brush up on my HP knowledge! Plus, it’s a great way to either satisfy or heighten my excitement for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in July!

In the Heights (Kings Cross Theatre)

Source: In the Heights

Regular readers amongst you may remember I saw this last year. And loved it. It was my first experience of seeing a Lin Manuel Miranda musical live and it was all I hoped for and more.

So taken with it was I that I had to see it again! Plus this time I can focus on the dancing and set more, since I was so spellbound with the words last time. Also, I now realise that I’ll have seen both the leads in the new Aladdin musical: Dean John Wilson and Jade Ewen. Both of whom I think will be brilliant in their parts…and yet I still haven’t it tickets for it!

The Caretaker (The Old Vic)

A last minute booking, since Claire couldn’t remember who she asked to this. Much to my good fortune!

Daniel Mays? Good!
Timothy Spall? Good
Old Vic? GOOD!

I’m excited to see another of the Old Vic’s 2016 production, plus the fact it has such a stellar cast is also (you guessed it) GOOD!


Funny Girl (Savoy Theatre)

Sheridan Smith in Funny Girl. Photograph: Marc Brenner.

I’m rapidly realising just how many shows I’m seeing next month, now that I put pen to paper or rather finger to phone!

I missed out on the original Menier run and have heard great things about Sheridan Smith from people at work. I’m familiar with some of the songs and plot, mainly thanks to Glee. But I’m always up for a musical and it’s always good to see something I haven’t seen before.


Doctor Faustus (Duke of York’s Theatre)

Source: ATG

This is the first of two (possibly three) outings to see Doctor Faustus.

And it’s probably the one I’m least excited about seeing of the three.

Which is saying something, considering it has KIT HARRINGTON IN! AND it’s being directed by Jamie Lloyd, whose work I am a big fan of. This is mainly because the RSC’s Faustus is an unprecedented live theatrical experience, where neither the audience nor the actors themselves know who’ll be playing Faustus until they step onstage. And our one is in original pronunciation. How can you top those?!


Twelfth Night (The Hope Theatre)

Source: The Hope Theatre

In my second Press Night of the year, I’m seeing Thick As Thieves’ production of Twelfth Night.

This will be my second visit of the year to the always lovely Hope Theatre, the ‘little theatre of big ideas‘. I’m a big proponent of this off-west end theatre and am always intrigued at how each company will use the space. In addition, it’s a small cast taking on a big play; following the success of The Tempest last year, Thick As Thieves are again performing with a cast of just four!


Hamlet (Shakespeare’s Globe)

Source: Shakespeare’s Globe

To mark Shakespeare’s Birthday, the Globe is welcoming back Hamlet. This Globe to Globe touring production has visited every country in the world over the last two years and its final performance fittingly is on Shakespeare’s birthday weekend and at the home of Shakespeare: the Globe.

I’m hoping to make a day of it: go to the show in the evening and do the complete walk in the afternoon. 37 short films for each of the 37 plays will be streamed across locations on the South Bank. So get yourself down to London!


Shitfaced Shakespeare (Leicester Square Theatre)

Source: Leicester Square Theatre

My final visit of April again quite fittingly is another Shakespeare. But this ones a bit less serious…

Shitfaced Shakespeare will be taking on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And if Shitfaced Showtime is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

And possibly some nudity…

And what better way to finish the Shakespeare Birthday celebrations than with Shakespeare and booze!


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