Friday Favourites: Tests, Talks and Transfers

We’re (almost) all moved in to the new flat. It’s been a bit of a manic time what with that and various projects at work, but I made it through. Thanks largely to Claire who is just on top of everything flat related!

Thank goodness it’s Friday though! And thank goodness it’s a four day weekend…seriously, I’ve been counting down the days to this since my Disney holiday in January.

It may have been a busy week with work, but I’ve had pretty much every evening off. That’s been a nice change, especially with how April is shaping up at the moment. I’m trying to find a day to see my normal hairdresser who’s in Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Can you guess which of my days for April are already all booked up…?

But it’s always better to be busy than bored! And it looks like April is getting even busier…



What’s On Stage Quiz

Source: WhatsOnStage

For the second year in a row, WhatsOnStage will be doing a quiz which (in case you couldn’t guess by the company’s name) is stage and theatre related.

Claire and me had just been saying we needed to do one and then this pops up out of the blue! And this one ticks all the boxes:

  1. It’s about theatre: our speciality.
  2. It’s run by the lovely folks at What’s On Stage.
  3. It’s being hosted at the Theatre Cafe, one of my favourite places in London.

I booked our team’s place yesterday and I’m sure the other slots will book up fast. Teams can be a maximum of 5 people and to book your place or for more information visit WhatsOnStage.

Also: I suspect we will go in for fun. And get very competitive. Very quickly!



Hamilton is slightly-more-than-probably coming to London in 2017

Source: NY Times

Every day I Google: ‘Hamilton London’.

Every day, I see the same rumours from last year. And pictures of Lewis Hamilton. Easy mistake to make, Google.

The one day I don’t, fortunately Claire did. And it’s happening…probably.

Following the culmination of Billy Elliot‘s run, the Victoria Palace Theatre will be free. It’s owned by Cameron Mackintosh, who’s been linked to the transfer rumours for a while now. Put two and two together and it’s now rumoured that this theatre could be the London home of Hamilton as early as 2017. I imagine they’ll have quite a bit of teching to do, given the revolving stage which features in Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical. Another theatre in London already has this built in: the Olivier at the National Theatre. I love the National and it’s work, but I don’t think Hamilton would be a good fit for that company necessarily.

What this all means is we’re another step closer to possibly-maybe-definitely having Hamilton confirmed run, which would mean confirmed venue and confirmed dates and confirmed cast!



Celebrating Shakespeare at the National Theatre

Source: National Theatre. Photo (Natalie Dew as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet) by Ludo des Cognets.

Speaking of the National, I’ll be heading there again in April.

As you may remember, I wasn’t overly enamored with one of their latest offerings: As You Like It. But the National may just redeem itself in its approach to Shakespeare with its newest platform: Celebrating Shakespeare.

To commemorate Shakespeare 400, the National is holding a series of talks on Shakespeare. Led by actors, directors and other creative team members from the National’s illustrious history these discussions will explore various aspects of Shakespeare. These include themes such as family, migration and old age, as well as the history of Shakespeare in performance at the National Theatre.

I’ve already booked mine for ‘Shakespeare at the NT: Writer for Today’, which explores Shakespeare’s impact on and presence in modern culture. This discussion will feature Dominic Cooke (director of the BBC’s The Hollow CrownThe Wars of the Roses) and Ben Power (adapter of Romeo and Juliet for the NT’s Primary Shakespeare, and the screenplays for The Hollow Crown) as panelists.


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