Friday Favourites: (No April Fools here)

I haven’t actually been to the theatre this week…so it’s a bit hard to do a theatre edition of Friday Favourites!

This one, therefore, is just a few of my favourite things generally from this week.

And yes, this is a very short and to the point introduction but it’s Claire’s birthday celebrations tonight and my lunch was spent catching up with people and taking her cake and goodbye lunches and my spare time has been spent wrapping today. So very quick one today!


Bank Holiday

I have been looking forward to this four day weekend for months. Literally, the day I got back from Disneyland, I checked my calendar for holidays. Unfortunately, my next one has been bumped back to June (but also sort of fortunately, because hopefully that means there won’t be any refurbishments going on). So I’m relying on these bank holidays in between to get me through it!

Awwww, the memories…it seems so long ago!

I had quite a relaxed Bank Holiday, so much so I can’t really remember much about it! It was a nice weekend, spent celebrating Easter with family and then I moved into the flat properly on the Monday. Speaking of which…


Moving Day (Take 2)

We’re all moved in now…basically. Every time I go home, I see something I forgot, normally essentials: towels, laptop, snakes and ladders shot game…you know, the essentials!

But we’re making the house feel more like a home now with everything moved in. We even have a communal board for theatre tickets/diaries/weekly shop receipts. Look at us, so grown up. I even tried my hand at cooking this week, making lamb and cubed potatoes baby new potatoes. They were supposed to be cubed, but I dropped the tray half way through cooking…

Actual footage of me cooking. Source: CharliiandMeg

Luckily for me, Claire is a very good cook and has already made posh Mac and cheese, chicken chow main and the best chocolate cakes you will taste! So I won’t starve!


Interview with Thick As Thieves

It’s now April and Shakespeare 400 is picking up full steam. I’ve done a few features on it this year, including my picks for the big Birthday Week and an update on how 37 Plays 365 Days is going. It will also probably form one of Friday Favourite’s again next week, since the news of the Almeida’s 2016-17 Season was announced after I drafted this this morning. Three words: Andrew Scott. Hamlet.

Source: Thick As Thieves

My favourite one obviously has been the interview with Thomas Judd, Executive Producer of Thick As Thieves. They’ll be staging a new production of Twelfth Night at The Hope Theatre in Islington (which we all know I’m a bit of a lovie of). He made some really interesting points in the interview, particularly about gender representation on stage, so be sure to check it out.


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