Shakespeare 400: Wishlist

I’m pretty sure I already did a Shakespeare wishlist a while back…

But it’s April now and why not do another one! It is the 400th Anniversary after all! And his birth month! So why not?

And I’m also flying off to Scotland in a few hours, so it’s a nice quick one today!

And what better way to spend your lunch than looking at things doing last minute packing and lusting at things 1) I don’t need, and 2) I can’t afford! Today’s wishlist is (obviously) Shakespeare themed, but specifically things I’ve found and liked on Red Bubble. Because they have literally Shakespeare anything: leggings, travel mug, cards! Everything I never knew I wanted Shakespeare-ified!


1) ‘Love is Not Love’ Cushion – £13.51

2) ‘I bite my thumb at thee, sir’ Sticker – £2.66

3) ‘Playwrights are my rockstars’ Tote Bag – £12.51

4) ‘Prose before hoes’ Sticker – £2.42

5) Capulet Sticker –  £1.69

6) ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce’ Hard Cover Notebook – £13.20

7) ‘It’s hard to be the Bard, Baby’ Sticker –  £2.18

8) Othello Leggings – £33.00

9) ‘Method to my madness’ Spiral Bound Notebook – £8.00

10) ‘It’s all fun and games until Act II’ Phone Case – £19.86


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