Friday Favourites: Almeida, Awards & Again, Again, Again

Following last week’s not-at-all-related-to-theatre-in-pretty-much-any-way Friday Favourites, this week’s edition is decidedly more theatre themed.

It’s been quite a good week for theatre in general. The Hamilton rumours continue to swirl like a hurricane. Confirmed(ish) London run, then there is quiet for just a moment, then suddenly ‘HAMILTON TO GO TO AUSTRALIA’. One of my favourite reports this week was this: ‘According to the New York Times, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit Broadway musical Hamilton will be coming to England, Europe and Australia’. ‘England and Europe’. As if England is not in Europe. I mean I know with the whole EU brexit debate, but still we would still physically be part of Europe. The only way it wouldn’t be part of Europe is if our tiny island across the sea physically floated across the sea to America!

Anyway, on to favs!


Almeida 2016-17 Season

Source: TimeOut

Last week, the Almeida announced their latest season.

I was a bit excited about this news. Although the fact it was announced on April Fool’s Day confused me…

I have good reason to be excited; it’s an impressive season. 2016 marks the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. In case. I hadn’t. Mentioned. The Almeida is celebrating in style with a production of Richard III, starring Ralph Fiennes and Vanessa Redgrave. There’s been a string of famous faces playing this eponymous role recently, more so than Shakespeare’s best known character: Hamlet. Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Rylance and now Ralph. Rylance was my favourite without a doubt, but Fiennes could usurp that title.

Oh and did I forget…

Andrew Scott is playing Hamlet. Enough said.


The Olivier Awards

Source: What’sOnStage

The biggest night in the theatre calendar was this week. And no, I don’t mean the premiere of Hamilton. Yet. Though we did get a sneak peek…

The Oliviers took place on Sunday this week, hosted by the always lovely Michael Ball. As is the norm, there were some I agreed with and some less so. Here are some names, let’s see if you can guess which are which: Mark Gattiss, David Bedella, Nell Gwynn. Clue: one is one I didn’t agree with. At all.

I’m still working my way through the ceremony, but got as far as In the Heights performance which brings me on to…


In the Heights

Source: In the Heights

Earlier this week, I saw In the Heights for a second time. And it was just as energetic and fun as the first.

Following its multiple Olivier wins, the house was pretty packed, more packed than the last time I saw it for sure. This is brilliant, as it deserves attencion, attention! It even got a standing ovation again which it didn’t get last time.

It was the night after the Oliviers and an oddly scheduled Monday matinee. At the start of the show, the usual voiceover came over which some normally dread: ‘the role of x will be played by x’. This announcement went on for two minutes straight. No jokes. So I got to see a whole other cast with a whole set of new dynamics which was interesting. Particularly the Benny stand in. Usnavi, Sonny, Abuela and the mum were the same, luckily for me as they were all my favourites!


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