Olivier Awards: Favourite Performances

Last week, I looked back at some of my favourite performances from the Tony Awards. Today, I thought I’d do the same with the Oliviers.

…even if it is like a month late!

Despite living in the same country as the Oliviers are held, I’d probably say I get more excited about the Tonys. This is half because the Tonys have shows which could transfer across the pond, so it’s exciting to see what’s coming up. Especially since I’ve seen most things on offer at the Oliviers. It’s also half because of the fun nature of the Tonys, the tongue in cheek lines, the show stoppers, all of the new Tony traditions. I mean did you see my list last week…? Half of it was comprised of opening and closing performances alone!

This is something which is sadly lacking from the usual Oliviers, though host Michael Ball brought some life and laughter to proceedings this year. He’s even made the list below!

‘One Day More’, Les Miserables (2014)

A very rousing performance, which made me actually want to go and see it! When it got to Eponine’s bit, I was sold!

Having said that, still haven’t seen it!


‘Tribute to Musicals’, Mid Show Number (2016)

It took me about ten minutes to work out why the piano guy looked so familiar. It’s the guy from Guys and Dolls. The one who asked for requests to start the show and to which flu-dazed-me shouted out ‘YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME’.


‘Defying Gravity’, Wicked (2014)

I haven’t seen Wicked in an age and just remember watching this and being like, ‘WOW, SHE’S ON THE ROOF?!’


‘I Believe’, Book of Mormon (2014)

I still hadn’t seen Book of Mormon by this point. And as I mentioned in last week’s feature, I was basically surviving on clips from the Tonys. So when the Oliviers did this performance, I was more than a tad excited!


‘Naughty’, Matilda the Musical (2012)

My first encounter when it came to Matilda the Musical and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. Again: still haven’t seen it. But hopefully RSC Key may prove lucky this week!


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