Turn It Off!

This month, you may have been following my on going Theatre Wars series, which looks at ettiquette problems in theatre.

One of them was on the ever annoying issue of the use of mobile phones during shows. Whether it be to text, take a picture or simply check the time, that little blue screen of death is just the worst. But how are theatres combatting this? As mentioned in that feature, one way is by using lasers to point out offenders and give them a hint to turn it off. While it’s a solution, it in itself creates another problem, as the lasers themselves can be quite distracting. Other shows opt for the traditional signs and ‘deedeedeedeedeedeedeedeedeedeeduhduhduh’ ring tone at the start to remind patrons.

The newest deterrent comes from the lyricist of new Broadway show Waitress, Sara Bareilles. Since an announcement doesn’t always do the trick, Bareilles has put this instruction into a much more memorable medium: a song.

It’s a novel idea! And very catch!

Although I just think every show should open with sparkly-waistcoat-clad-Mormons coming on stage and singing ‘Turn It Off’.

But that’s just me!

Source: rebloggy

2 thoughts on “Turn It Off!

  1. Haha nice and creative. It is difficult to stop this ultimately, but I hope audiences become more and more aware of how annoying it can be to the performers. Also, never look at your cellphone in a Patti LuPone performance.


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