Friday Favourites: Movies

Again, not a week of many favourite moments. And not just because I had the misfortune of seeing Jamie Lloyd’s Doctor Faustus.

But normal Friday Favourites service will resume next week, but today I thought I’d look at a few of my favourite cheer-me-up movies and shows.


Source: WiffleGif

I haven’t seen this film in probably 7 years…? But it’s just as great as the first time I watched it! I actually watched this last night with Claire and it’s so funny: Disney, New York, self awareness. So good!


Source: I’m With Geek

Okay, so admittedly in theory this is only a Christmas film. But I will admit I have watched it at other points in the year. Like the height of summer.


Malcolm in the Middle

Source: FJ

I got back into this shortly before moving, when I realised Comedy Central were looping the series in batches every Sunday. And it’s amazing just how much I remember from when I was younger! I don’t even remember watching that much MITM. Apparently I did!


Monsters Inc.

Source: PopKey

Words can’t express how much I love this movie. The prequel, less so. But this one: brilliant. Plus I always associate it with being off sick, so it has that cheer-me-up/make-me-feel-better ingrained.


Parks and Recreation

Source: imgur

A great american TV series and one I need to rewatch. Or make Claire watch. It’s so funny. Sure the first season is a bit slow-paced, but it finds its feet by the first episode of Season 2. And now it’s probably my favourite show. Next to Friends.


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