Friday Favourites: Shakespeare, Shakespeare and Sherlock

I’m currently tping this one thumbed on my phone, as I managed to slice a line across my other one. Damn you, paper cuts! I’ve had a week of quite a few favourites, unsurprising what with it being the 400th anniversary and all! So expect Shakespeare, Shakespeare and more Shakespeare!

The Complete Walk

Source: Shakespeare’s Globe

As part of the Globe’s celebrations, they set up screens along the Southbank showing short extracts from each of the plays.

I didn’t manage to do all 37, but I got through about 10 or so. I’ll post some pictures of it next week. My favourite part of it was seeing thousands of people braving the cold, rain and wind to go and watch Shakespeare.

…that and hearing a lady at number 7 on the walk saying, ‘Is that the last one?’ There were 30 to go!


Hamlet Globe to Globe

Source: Shakespeare’s Globe

As well as the Birthday celebrations, there was also a celebration of another kind. It was the return of Hamlet Globe to Globe which has been touring the world for the last two years.

Returning to the Globe for its final four performances, it ended where it had all started. I was lucky enough to interview Naeem Hayat and Phoebe Filde, who played Hamlet and Ophelia during the run. It also marked the end of Dominic Dromgoole’s 10 year run as Artistic Director, who was the brains behind Globe to Globe, The Complete Walk and many other visionary projects at the Globe.



Source: Giphy

Rounding off my favourite moments from this week is one I genuinely forgot about! ‘Nothing else eventful happened this week, except…OH YEAH I WAS IN SHERLOCK!’

I was walking to work when I got a text from my friend, saying that Sherlock was filming in Borough Market. The one day she wasn’t at work this week, when she goes through Borough Market on her way to work. Every morning.

I’m a big fan of the series, so I thought I’d go and see what was going on. And I saw Benedict. And Martin. And Amanda. And Mark. It was very exciting!

And as if that wasn’t enough, our group ended up being in the background for some shots! So coming to a small screen near you probably next year: Rona in Sherlock, aka the girl looking at cheese and nodding!


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