FRIDAY Favourites: Sun, Shows & Season

Weirdly, despite having Bank Holiday Monday off, this has felt like the longest week. Maybe it’s because you psych yourself up: ‘Yes, four day week!’ And that makes it feel even longer than a five day one, because you want it to feel shorter…even if it doesn’t!

Anyway, in spite of that, it’s been a lovely week actually. Largely due to…

Here Comes the Sun


The weather has quite a bit to do with my good mood, to be fair.

It’s sunny! And not just sunny, sunny enough to sit on the roof for lunch! After last week’s frankly bizarre weather of snow, sleet and hail, I wasn’t expecting it to be nice weather at all. But this kind of weather just lifts everyone’s spirit a little bit.

And it helps I’m planning on having lunch with friends at the weekend. Outside!


Press Nights

Source: Rose Theatre Kingston

It’s been quite a busy week for my diary!

I’ve booked what will be my third and probably/hopefully final production of Doctor Faustus this year. Before last month, I’d never read or seen it. Now I’m seeing it three times! I managed to get front row seats for the RSC’s London transfer, which I am more than a bit excited about.

I’ve also been booking up visits for my blog with quite a few to my favourite small theatre with big ideas: The Hope Theatre. 2016 marks the first in-house season of productions at the Hope, headed up by Artistic Director Matthew Parker. One of these I’ll be attending is the London premiere of Sea Life, a story of ‘life, death and seaweed’, directed by Matthew himself. In July, I’ll be watching Beetles from the West which is also on at the Hope. Directed by Phil Croft, this show explores issues regarding men’s health and the stigma often associated with this topic. Both shows sound fascinating and I’m looking forward to returning to one of my favourite Off-West End theatres.

Finally, I’m very excited to be invited to Trevor Nunn’s production of King John at the Rose Theatre Kingston later this month. This production marks the penultimate play in Nunn’s mission to direct all of Shakespeare’s plays (and I thought trying to watch all 37 was tough enough!) King John is one of only a few Shakespeare plays I’ve never read or seen, and it’s at a theatre I’ve been wanting to get out to for a while, so I’m really looking forward to this!


Wonder Season


Emma Rice’s new season at the Globe kicked off this week with A Midsummer Night’s Dream and we were lucky enough to watch the dress run last Friday. It’s such a joyful and fun adaptation, with some nice play with traditional gender roles.

Changes aren’t just happening in the theatre, but outside too. On the piazza, a forest has sprung up! And the foyer has had a face lift too…quite literally, as the above picture shows!


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