‘My Dearest…’ Wishlist

My dearest readers…

Or should it be a comma after ‘dearest’.

My dearest, readers…

I’ve found myself writing more and more letters recently. And I mean ones by hand. Old school! There’s a sense of nostalgia about it and the actual art of writing by hand is quite relaxing. I haven’t done a Wishlist in a while, so I thought what better to do one on. So here is some stationery I’ve been lusted over (musical themed, of course).


1) Hamilton Bits Stickers – Etsy, £3.51

2) Feather Pen – Barbican, £3.00

3) Set Designers Notebook – Stage Presents, £4.99

4) Stage Cards – Etsy, £3.30

5) Singin’ in the Rain Stamp –  Etsy, £9.18

6) Music Notebook – Stage Presents, £4.99

7) Directors/Producers Notebook – Stage Presents, £4.99

8) Choreographers Notebook – Stage Presents, £4.99

9) Simple Shakespeare Stationery – Zazzle, £0.70 per sheet

10) Romeo and Juliet Notebook – Shakespeare’s Globe, £2.50



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