Friday Favourites: Shakespeare Overload

It’s two weeks until my holiday!

It’s so close…

Source: Hypable


I’m already looking at booking another holiday later this year! And one in the interim somewhere in the UK. I’m thinking either Brighton or Stratford Upon Avon? It’s not like I need any more Shakespeare to be honest, but I’m not one to begrudge it!

King John


Wednesday was Press Night for Trevor Nunn’s King John. It was my first time at the Rose Theatre Kingston and it’s a wonderful space. So intimate yet vast! It reminded me of the Olivier; I kept expecting the stage to suddenly spin!

It was also my first time seeing King John and is never read it before. It’s not my favourite, those are reserved for Henry IV 1Richard II and Richard III. But it was good and Nunn’s edit made me want to go and read the play. Even if the screens made me not want to watch it!


Romeo and Juliet

Tonight I’m off to North London…

Source: Giphy

And of my own volition!

I rarely venture North of the river beyond the West End and for the Hope. They are my two exceptions! I’m seeing my good friend Ed in a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Steiner Theatre. It’s one of my favourite plays with one of my favourite people, so I’m very much looking forward to it.

Plus, I have to see Romeo and Juliet at least once a year…even if I am seeing Kenneth Branagh’s version in a week…


The Hollow Crown

Source: The Telegraph

It’s Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare this week!

I’ve been watching the Hollow Crown series over the last few weeks, which recounts the events of the War of the Roses. Like King John, I’d never encountered those plays before.

I’m loving this version, which has condensed the three plays seamlessly in to two. And it’s quite exciting to see how characters figure into the previous cycle and working out who people are before Richard III. Some have branded them a bit Game of Thronesy, but we all know that’s not a bad thing. After all, we all know Shakespeare wrote Game of Thrones.


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