Outrun Update

It’s the last full week of May. Which means two things: 1) holiday time is even closer! And 2) I have a week left of outrun.

As some of you may know, I’ve been taking part in Outrun for May. The aim is to try and run as far as you can this month, all while raising money for Macmillan Cancer Research. I’ve been running in memory of my grandpa.

I must say when it started, I wasn’t that good at it…

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And I didn’t really give it my ‘all’. By the end of 3 weeks, I’d been on a grand total of two runs and run only 5k.

But this week, I had a break through! Better late than never! It was my weekend off and actually pretty decent weather, so I thought I’d go and explore Crystal Palace Park, which is a short distance from the flat. I figured I’d go for a 30 minute walk and that would be it…

7km later, I was wrong!

I didn’t even know I could walk for that distance, let alone jog! And it wasn’t an anomaly, as I did the same the next day: got up early, went to the park and did 5k. Less distance because I didn’t get lost this time! 2k lost, as it turns out! Of course I didn’t jog for the whole time but I am building up my endurance level, running a little bit further each time.

I’m now feeling rejuvenated about running/walking. It’s made me feel much more productive for the rest of the day: I did my laundry, baked brownies and cleaned! And it actually gives you a bit of time to just clear your head and not think: just run.

Hopefully the good weather stays, as after my holiday I’m hoping to explore beyond Crystal Palace Park and go into London. I’m thinking Regents Park…

There’s still time to donate to my Outrun challenge and every little bit makes a huge difference to someone going through Cancer:Β https://www.justgiving.com/Rona-Kelly-1



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