Thursday Favourites: Sea, Sea and See

I’m doing things a little bit differently this week, and writing my Friday Favs today…Thursday. Because that’s just how I roll…

Source: Giphy

This is because I’ll be posting a review tomorrow, of one of the things in my favourites from this week. Or at least I hope it will be a favourite!

Sea Life

Source: Sea Life

I’m back to my favourite ‘little theatre of big ideas‘, the Hope Theatre in Highbury and Islington. This time I’m seeing Sea Life, a play which has never been staged before in London.

It’s the inaugural production of the Hope’s first in house season. Directed by the Hope’s Artistic Director Matthew Parker, it promises to be a darkly comic, ‘absurdist‘ drama.

And when I say ‘dark’, I mean cremating corpses in a cafe-come-pub ‘dark’!




I’m off to Brighton this weekend for a day trip!

In theory, this was to enjoy a sunny Bank Holiday on the pier. In reality, the weather keeps jumping between sunny, cloudy and downpour!

But I’m still very much excited about this trip with my good friend, Jas. I’m thinking of going to the pier, Choccywoccydooda and doing some shopping in the Lanes. I’m also down there to do some ‘work’, but when you’re in Brighton how can anything be work?!

See, I can run!

If you read my blog on Monday, you’ll know I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough on the running front. ‘Bit’ might be an understatement…

I’ve gone from running 2k to 7k!

I went to Crystal Palace Park for the first time and it’s a lovely place to go for a jog. Beautiful views, lots of open space, and dinosaurs!

It’s all in aid of OutRun for Macmillan Cancer Support, trying to run as far as you can collectively in May. There’s still time to donate:



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