Thursday Favourites: Again

Once again, I’m looking at a few of my favourite things on a Thursday instead of a Friday this week. And again, it’s because I’m seeing a show. This time it’s Romeo and Juliet at the Garrick Theatre, which I’ve just got back from. Expect the review tomorrow. And just like with the play, don’t expect a happy ending!

I must admit, this hasn’t been a week full of obvious favourites. They have somewhat been washed away, quite literally, following a leak in my flat. I say a leak. I mean water pouring from my ceiling. And extractor fan. And light socket.

But, amidst all the water (some from the flat, some from my tears!), I’ve had some lovely moments from this week and to look forward to…

OutRan, OutRun


When I started OutRun at the start of May, I didn’t think I’d make 10km, let alone 30km.

But I did it!

Following a rather arduous final effort (largely because I forgot to stretch), I completed the final 7km. In total, I ran 31km, for 5 hours, saw 2 car shows, and loads of dinosaurs. It was great fun and a great challenge.

Thanks again to all those who supported me and there is still time to donate! It means a lot to me and I’m glad I could do it for such a great cause, Macmillan Cancer Support. It’s still incredibly hard, living without Grandpa. But to know that the money we’ve raised will help someone dealing with cancer means a lot.

Sea Side


Last week, I had a ‘sea’ themed Friday Favourites of things I was looking forward to. And indeed, they were worth the excitement!

Sea Life at the Hope Theatre was one of the best productions I’ve seen all year, off West End or on. And I’m so happy that they have been nominated for a number of Offies, the official awards for Off West End shows. Fingers crossed!

I also had a lovely time in Brighton with Jas. A wet time but lovely time! But once the rain and wind and thunder and lightning cleared, it was actually a gorgeous, sunny day. We went to the pier, the Lanes and even had ice cream on the beach!

And speaking of beaches…


I’m off on holiday this week!

I have been waiting for this day since me and Claire’s trip to Disneyland Paris. In January. Which required a lot of patience. In the last month, I’ve basically been less Burr:

Source: Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story


And more Hamilton:

Source: Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story

I’m off to Portugal. And I genuinely can’t wait. You’ll still get daily blogs and probably a LOT more instagramming!


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