Holiday: What I’m Reading


I’m finally on holiday!

It feels much deserved and I’m very much enjoying it. So far my week has consisted of relaxing, sleeping, reading, more relaxing, more reading, eating, more relaxing, and a bit of mini-golf. So pretty much perfect!

As mentioned, I’ve had a fair bit of time to read on this holiday. I must admit that ever since university, I havent’ read a great deal. Even at university, I only read for my course; I rarely did any reading for pleasure. But I’ve got back into the habit now, although my taste in books is somewhat different than before university.

Nowadays, I mostly read non-fiction. Particularly autobiographies and biographies and even more particularly, by famous comediennes. I have read Amy Poehler’s Yes Please (which I swear by), Mindy Kaling’s first book, and have brought the second on holiday with me to read. I also have a Miranda Hart book in my ‘To Read’ pile at home. But that pile is ever growing and never decreasing, so…

Occasionally I read fiction, but it’s normally things I’ve read before. Case in point: I have brought the first three Harry Potter books with me on holiday. This is because I am seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in just one month and could not be more excited. In addition, I haven’t actually read them in about 10 years. Of course, part of me wants to read them purely for nostalgic sense. The other part of me wants to get every single reference in the new show, lest a character says something and half the audience goes:

Source: Zap2It

And I’m like:

Source: Tumblr

I haven’t quite got onto that yet. Mainly because I’ve been reading the best book in the world.

I’m about halfway through the Hamiltome, aka Hamilton: The Revolution. It tells the story of tonight how the show became what it is, but in a very clever way. The structure tracks the course of the production against the course of Hamilton’s life and the course of the songs in the show. It’s utterly brilliant. Filled with so many amazing quotations about the show, theatre and culture, it’s a must read for any Hamilton fan.


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