The Tony Awards: Playlist

Yesterday, I outlined the Ten Tony Commandments, i.e. my way of preparing best for the Tonys. As it turns out, I probably won’t be able to watch them live, given that I live in the UK and there’s a bit of a time difference. And by bit, I mean I would have to stay up until about 2am to watch it. And I have work the next day.

But, I am getting into the Tony spirit1 A good fraction of my holiday has been spent watching clips from previous years’ Tony Award performances and from this year’s selection…okay, mainly Hamilton!

One of my ‘commandments’ was to listen to musical songs to get you suitably in the mood. As such, I thought I’d put together a playlist for Tony night! Some old favourites, some from new shows this year. I’ve organised each section by topic, starting of at a slow pace and picking up towards the end.

Source: Playbill

Pre-show: ‘In the Air Tonight’ – American Psycho; ‘The Story of Tonight’ – Hamilton; ‘It Won’t be Long Now’ – In the Heights; ‘Wait for It’ – Hamilton; ‘One Day More’ – Les Miserables.

Yearning to be at the Tonys/in New York tonight: ‘One Short Day’ – Wicked; ‘New York, New York’ – On the Town‘The Room Where It Happens’ – Hamilton

Show time: ‘A Musical’ – Something Rotten; ‘My Shot’ – Hamilton



If your fav loses: ‘Bitch of Living’ – Spring Awakening

If your fav wins: ‘Get On Your Feet’ – On Your Feet!

N.B. Although any time I hear, Get On Your Feet (be it the title or the song), all I can think of is this:



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