Tonys: What to Watch

This week it’s the Tonys, so I’m looking at how to prepare yourself for the big day. Emotionally, physically, practically (aka your place or your friend’s), that sort of stuff!

Yesterday, I talked about what to listen to in the run up to the Tonys. Today, I thought I’d look at what to watch before the big show on Sunday, so here are my five suggestions. Some are performances, some feature the host of this year’s awards James Corden, and some are just fun!

Aka, yes-I’m-on-holiday-and-these-are-somewhat-filler-posts-but-they’re-easiest-to-write-in-a-short-amount-of-time-at-the-end-of-the-day!

A while back, I listed my favourite Tony performances from recent years, so definitely start with those. Those listed include both extracts from shows and numbers by the host himself, aka Neil Patrick Harris.

Fingers crossed that this year’s host James Corden will have some memorable musical numbers on the night. I’m hoping for a rap nod to Hamilton, although apparently Gary Barlow is writing the opening number. Less rap, more nap in my opinion.

There have also been a few videos in the run up to the Tonys which are worth a watch, from shows nominated and dab-hands at ‘musicals’. Something Rotten gave a rousing run down of what to expect from the Tonys this year:

And ahead of their performance Sunday, Hamilton gave a 360° sneak peek of ‘Wait for It’. You’re not just in the audience; you’re on the stage with them.

Of course, your Tonys preparation wouldn’t be complete without a singalong. And who better to sing along with than the host of the Tonys?! Well, actually someone or rather some people, as it turns out. James Corden AND Lin-Manuel Miranda AND Audra McDonald AND Jesse Tyler Ferguson AND Janes Krakowski. I already mentioned this video once this week, but it’s so good and it’s Car Pool Karaoke AND Broadway!

And while you’re watching that Corden sketch, why not try one more? Or maybe three. Basically, watch James’ Crosswalk: the Musical sketches, because they are brilliant.


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