Hamilton Transfer: 10 Things we Need to Know

Last week, a London transfer of now 11 Tony award winning Hamilton was confirmed. Coming to the West End in 2017, the show will reopen the Victoria Palace Theatre, previously home to Billy Elliot. Priority sign up opened yesterday, with booking expected to open in October this year. It’s a long wait, but you know what…


Although we have provisional a date and a location, there are still some desperately burning questions which London fans may have.

Basically, there are 10 things we need to know.

Number 1: Who?

Both Lin-Manuel Miranda and Phillipa Soo have announced that they will be leaving the production in July. Other departures from the Broadway run are expected over the summer, but could we see a reunion of sorts for the London transfer? Miranda has already confirmed that he has signed on, which brings us on to…


Number 2: When?

So, London will see the original Hamilton as Hamilton. Or at least some of London will. Both Miranda and Cameron Mackintosh have confirmed that he will appear for a limited run and seem to suggest that it will not be at the start of the run. Will dates be announced for his stint? And for that matter, when can I book tickets?!


Number 3: Who (again)?

Will we see as similarly diverse a cast as the Broadway production? With Miranda involved and having proved just how revolutionary this can be, we can certainly hope so! Having such a wonderfully talented and inclusive group is brilliant, begging the question…


Number 4: ‘I’m a compel him to include women in the sequel!’

Could we see actresses take on some of the traditionally male parts in the show? London more than Broadway seems to be dedicated to gender equality on stage, with productions at the Donmar having all female Shakespeare shows. Miranda has already said he’s open to this idea. My guess/wish: a female Washington, particularly if Clinton wins.

Source: Tumblr


Number 5: ‘If I win the lottery…’

When Book of Mormon transferred, it brought with it a lottery. A tradition more prevalent on Broadway, the lottery system allows people to put their name in a draw in the hopes of winning tickets for that day’s show. Given the demand for tickets, I expect that we will see a similar system instated here. But will we see another tradition as well…?


Number 6: Ham4Ham

When Hamilton started its Broadway run, Miranda knew the demand would be big. To give a little bit of Hamilton to everyone, he came up with Ham4Ham. Before certain shows, Miranda would perform something for the crowds of lottery-goers outside, sometimes with a friend or two or twenty odd! If the demand is of a similar level, could we expect to see this too?


Number 7: The Room Where it Happens

When I heard rumours of a transfer, my initial thought for its home was the Olivier Theatre at the National. Fitted with a rotating drum revolve, it not only allows the stage to revolve, but to ascend and descend. The Victoria Palace (to the best of my knowledge) is not currently fitted with as complex if not any revolving stage feature. Mackintosh has said this is the grand reopening of the theatre, so could we see a drum revolve or something similar fitted? Or could we see a whole new staging, particularly of ’10 Duel Commandments’?


Number 8: Price

It’s not a secret that Broadway prices tend to be a little higher than London ones. Top price tickets for Hamilton have just been bumped up to $849 on main site and anyone’s best guess for resale. It’s a couple of thousand. At least/ After the uproar about Elf prices last year, how much can we expect Hamilton tickets to be? Rumours suggest there will be discounted tickets set at £7, the equivalent of $10. These are the price at which some day tickets go for in the States, fitting considering that Hamilton was the 10 dollar founding father.


Number 9: WHEN

It’s currently thought that booking for Hamilton will open October or November this year, one year before the show premieres. I know at the start of this piece I said that I was willing to wait for it…






Source: Hamilton Lyrics

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