Tony Awards 2016: Favourite Moments

I’ve now watched the Tonys! Given that they started at 3am UK time and I had to be up at 8.30 for work, I thought: ‘Now come on, be sensible’. Mainly because I didn’t want to make my self sickable. When we did watch it, we watched it the best way: pizza and drink.

James Corden oversaw proceedings and did a good job presenting. A fellow Brit, I’m a fan of Corden, but I did feel like he had less screen time than previous hosts. There seemed to be a shift away from the host being involved in everything. In previous years, Neil Patrick Harris has been involved in pretty much every introduction or skit, doing a brilliant job I might add. This year we saw host Corden a handful of times. That meant two things. First, when we did see him it mattered all the more. And secondly, you noticed his costume changes less. Or you should have. That green suit. Wow! I thought he did well at hosting though: the opening number, Donald Trump sketch and ‘to life to life to life’ skits stood out to me.

Part of seeing the host less meant more time could be given to the shows. We had cutaway songs before the adverts, where the casts of the musicals ran outside to do a very quick number for members of the public. It was a nice idea, but they could learn something from the Oliviers. At our ceremony, we too have performances for members of the public interspersed throughout, but with full blown numbers and big screens so they can watch the ceremony live nearby. Perhaps next year a theatre next door could serve as host for this, inviting members of the public in for free?

Awards wise, I was very happy. Specifically, I was very happy eleven times! Hamilton did almost a clean sweep of the musical categories, though it didn’t quite beat The Producers’ record twelve wins. This makes me a little bit sad and a little bit happy, since I love Hamilton but I LOVE The Producers. I was glad to see the Young Vic do so well in transfers on the play front, as well as seeing the diversity in winners. Oscars, take note!

Here are some of my favourite moments from the show:

Opening Number:

Cheesy but funny. Yes, Something Rotten got there first and did it better with musical nods, but good fun.


Jayne Houdyshell Wins Best Featured Actress in a Play:

In a year of diversity and inclusivity left right and centre, we also see age represented in the winners. This sounds incredibly patronising, but her speech was lovely and she said it herself: she’s 62, she didn’t think she’d win one at this point in time!


Lin Manuel Miranda’s Acceptance Speech Sonnet:

A sonnet! He wrote and performed a sonnet! And he burst into tears at the end 😥


The performances (but which one…?)

All of them! In particular, Hamilton, Waitress and She Loves Me all caught my eye. Although I still have ‘YOU’RE IN THE BAND’ stuck in my head…not in a good way! Fingers crossed the clips get put online soon!



7 thoughts on “Tony Awards 2016: Favourite Moments

  1. YES. I love that you agree with me on the opening number. It was so cute. And I love that it felt like they were actually showcasing the shows this year. So great. And your drinking game is my favorite. I wish I thought of it.


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