Wicked: Movie Confirmed Date

One short day…

Or rather 1000 odd long days until the Wicked movie comes out!

It’s finally been confirmed! After literally years of speculation (quite literal, it was announced back in 2008), we have a date: 2019. Such news warrants its own post, of course.

Source: Richard Willis


I would say speculation can now start as to who will play Elpheba and Glinda. But fans have (again) had 8 years to speculate. My personal picks: Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, original broadway cast reunion. If not, I can Lea Michelle and Kristen Bell. I am looking forward to seeing the designs probably more than casting. I’m imagining they’re not doing it in the theatre and that it will be live action, showcasing the whole world of Oz. With some of the Into the Woods team behind it, fingers crossed it’ll have some of that magic!

Who do you think will play Oz’s famous duo? And the Wizard himself? And FiiiiiiYEROOOOOOOOO?


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