Friday Favourites: Henry IV, Hamilton & Tony(s)

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I knew this week would go somewhat slowly, following my lovely time in Portugal. But I had no idea it would go this slow!

I suspect you can probably guess what one of my favourites will be…


Tony Awards

If you’ve followed most of my blog this week, you’ll know the Tony Awards were on Sunday. And I was very excited about that…

It was a great evening and I rewatched some of my favourite moments last night. Again. And I completely forgot that the opening Hamilton number should have been on my list. Not actually for Hamilton. But James Corden’s ‘NO just you wait’. Because soon enough, we all know you’re going to win them all!



How am I gonna pay, how am I gonna pay, how am I gonna pay, last year’s rent, this year’s rent, next year’s rent? Especially if I keep buying tickets to shows like RENT!

To mark its 20th anniversary (God that makes me feel old), a production of RENT will be touring the UK. I have my tickets sorted for the St James run. I’ve only ever seen RENT staged in a university production and I cried buckets at that. We are in row D. There is a 525,600% chance I will be bawling my eyes out throughout. Heads up, Claire if you’re reading this!


And I really am not going to be able to afford rent if I keep buying tickets! In the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the Donmar are doing a Shakespeare Trilogy. And of course, I’ve bought tickets for that! Unlike the Barbican’s and Rose Theatre’s commemorative ones, this features is an entirely female production. Featuring The Tempest, Julius Caesar and Henry IV, I’ve booked tickets for all three in one day…again, heads up Claire!

Also interestingly, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a trilogy. Trilogy tends to imply a correlation. The only correlation here is that they were all written by Shakespeare. But hey, I’ve never seen three in one day. Four in a week, yes, and I’m doing two in a day for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child next month. So this should be…interesting! But it will tick a few off my 37 Plays, 365 Days Challenge!


And even MORE tickets

Although I will have to wait for it those.

This week, it was confirmed that Hamilton would have a West End transfer. Oh and that priority sign up opened Monday. Oh and that Lin-Manuel Miranda himself would star in some of the run.

To say I was a little bit excited about this is a bit of an understatement.

PUNYou can always tell when I am excited about something, because it’s pun-city.

Hamilton is coming to the West End in 2017 and I already have so many questions. These are nicely summed up in my post from earlier this week: There Are 10 Things We Need to Know. Mainly when can I buy tickets and how much!


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