$10 Founding Father, £100 Tickets? Ticket Prices

According to a poll conducted by The Stage, 50% of people would pay more than £100 to see Hamilton.

In other ‘news’, people regularly pay more than £100 to see shows.

This figure hardly come as a surprise. The top price seats in theatre sell for upwards of £100. Book of Mormon at just over £200, Wicked at £128, and of course the biggest and most ridiculous price tag of all: Elf at £240. But who can/would pay £240 for Elf? That’s basically throwing money away!

Source: Buzzfeed

With 11 Tony Awards attached to its name and a theatre reopening and Cameron Mackintosh attached to its name, Hamilton has good reason to charge a similar amount for its top seats. Which I’m sure some people will pay. I do feel, however, that perhaps The Stage should have considered an alternate title: 50% of people CAN pay more than £100 to see Hamilton. I would love to pay more than £100 to see Hamilton. Can I? No. The most I have paid for a ticket has been about £60. Most recent example, Harry Potter and the Cursed Childwith both parts costing 50 each. I also regularly buy £30 tickets and think that’s a reasonable price tag. I know what you’re thinking: £50 x 2 = £100, and £30 x 3 is £90, so surely you’re going against your own point?! You would pay £100 for a show!


For shows, yes. For one show, no. To charge £100 for 2 and a half hours is a ridiculous concept. If you can afford it, brilliant, enjoy it. I have no qualms about you paying that much. Where the issue lies is companies thinking it is okay to charge this amount.

This is a trend which will no doubt continue with Hamilton. Of course, they are apparently doing the £7/$10 Ham4Ham discount tickets, a nice nod by Miranda. But when your next cheapest tickets are around £40 for restricted view, because your top tier ones are so high, that’s when it starts becoming an issue.

Will people pay over £100 for tickets? Yes. Should they? Unequivocally no.


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