Brexit: A Prologue

A few days ago, the UK made a monumental decision: they officially agreed to leave the European Union. I use ‘monumental’, because it denotes a big change though does not imply whether said change is good or not. And ‘they’, because I was among the 48% who voted to remain.

A once United Kingdom, we are now divided.

There’s a lot of rage. But I thought I would channel that into something verbal than violent. ‘The opposite of war isn’t peace; it’s creation’. As such, here is my creation: Prologue to a post Brexit country, based on the Prologue to Romeo and Juliet.

Two factions both alike in infamy,
In once Great Britain where we lay out scene.
From Nigel F’rage, faith to blind bigotry:
Uncivil minds make British ones unclean.
Against the fearful ranks of this great foe
A group of ‘passioned numbers join the fight.
Who deaf to jeers of ‘Oh just let it go’
Doth with their breath, fight against this plight.
The fearful passage of Cam’ron to Gove,
And the continuance twards F’rage’s Golden Age,
Which lest we apprehend, nought will remove,
Is now the two years’ struggle of our age.
The which if you as ‘ordin’ry, decent’
As F’rage, take action, 48%.

Protest peacefully with words and let your voice be heard:



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