Friday Favourites: Friends!

Let’s face it: there haven’t been that many ‘favourite’ moments over the past week or so.

In fact, there have been three or four unfavourable ones which spring to mind immediately. All though are overshadowed by one rather big one.

But there have certainly been some highlights from this week. Starting with…

Friends Fest


Friends Fest is a celebration of all things Friends. Last year, it came to London for a flying visit.

It sold out within like 14 minutes.

This year, it’s back again and now on tour. And I got tickets!

Source: JM Gregorie

You can see Monica and Rachel’s apartment, have a coffee in Central Perk, and there’s smelly cat karaoke!

Could I BE any more excited?!


Richard III

Source: The Almeida

Despite actually not getting tickets for the show (thanks, nonsensical, non queue based Almeida ticketing system), I did get to see Richard III.

Starring Ralph Fiennes, it’s one of the Almeida’s flagship Shakespeare productions this season. The other is Hamlet starring Andrew Scott. Which I am rather too excited about.

Source: Deducing Sherlock

It was a good production, a stellar 4* quality. But one addition made me say something I’ve found myself saying all too frequently: ‘The rape scenes was completely unnecessary’.

More on that with my review and opinion piece next week…



Ugly Lovely (c) Velvet Trumpet (3).jpg
Copyright: Velvet Theatre Company. Source: BroadwayWorld

Highbury and Islington is rapidly becoming my go to place! Two nights this I was there. In a row! And you know how I feel about going north of the river!

Written by Ffion Jones, Ugly Lovely is a comedy about Shell and how she deals with friends, family and relationships. Funny and fast paced, it’ll make you guffaw and gasp! In addition to the comedy, there is a sharp undercurrent of truth, touching on grief and loss.

It’s playing at the Old Red Lion Theatre until 16th July, so do go if you can.

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