Friday Favourites: All Go, Go, Go

Apologies for the lack of posts the last two days. I’ve had a couple of late nights over the last few days and have a few more ahead (read on Macduff). In lieu, I’ll be posting through the weekend so we’re back on track by Monday!


It’s been the news on everyone’s lips. Well, everyone who has access to a phone with decent signal, battery life and 3G package. I have none of these and even I’m talking about it!

Pokemon Go was released in the UK yesterday. It’s an augmented reality game, where you can catch pokemon. As in you can see the pokemon on your screen and then catch it! Essentially, it’s a game where you go outside and catch Pokemon. I HAVE A SQUIRTLE!


Big Fat Quiz…

The reason why I was late last night was that I went to see The Big Fat Quiz of Everything with Daisy.

Hilarious, brilliant, I can’t say more about the content than that probably for legal reasons or whatever. Seriously, they were more on it about mobiles than in any theatre ive seen.
Just have a massive security guy pointing angrily at phones, sorted!

It was a long recording and by that I mean long. 5 hours. We were promised doughnuts and red bull and got one of the above to get us through. Thanks to the stewards/runners for helping out. Less thanks to the compère.

Shakespeare Late

Late at the Library Spymasters Shakespeare Cabaret
Source: British Library

Tonight, I’m out late again. The British Library is doing an evening showing of their Shakespeare 400 exhibition: Shakespeare in 10 Acts.

It’s an evening of Shakespeare nerdiness. Early/modern mashups, Chris Riddell drawing Shakespeare caricatures, actors from the Complete Deaths doing pop up performances. I. Cannot. Wait.


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