25 Before 25 – Bucket List

After a somewhat false start a few weeks ago, I’m back! (But I feel we can excuse that, given it was Olympics season!)

And it’s back to life, back to reality or rather dramatised fiction as I’m seeing four shows in the next five days. The one day I’m not out at the theatre, I’m watching Bake Off, which is dramatic enough! Expect a few reviews this week, starting off with Secret Theatre which I am off to tonight. I’ve been to Secret Cinema before, so will be i intrigued to see how this translates across art form…

Today though, I thought I would do a blog about something which has been playing on my mind. It’s six months until I turn 25, mid twenties. I’m not so much upset about basically being an adult now in terms of age. More so in theatre’s eyes. Because in six months time, I will no longer get discount tickets to about 80% of shows!

So in lieu of this big milestone coming up, I thought I’d make a bucket list of sorts: 25 things to do before I turn 25. This is inspired by a number of other blogs who’ve done similar one, Hannah Gale and ChrissyLilly to name just a few.

Some are theatre related, some are not. I ran out of steam at about 15, so bear with!





1) Overcome my writer’s block, and write my play.

2) Read all of Shakespeare’s plays.

3) Write a-blog-a-day.

4) Learn how to sew.

5) Learn a new language.

(Those last two totally made me feel like a Girl Guide again!)



6) Run a 5k.

7) Get down to my ideal weight.

8) Try a new sport class.

9) Get on top of my trich.

10) Go a whole month without chocolate.




11) Go on a spontaneous holiday.

12) Save enough money for a trip to America next year.

13) Do a day in London.

14) Recreate photos taken somewhere from childhood

15) Finally see Matilda, using my under 25 discount.


For future me:

16) Write a letter to my 30 year old self.


17) Get a 5 year plan.

18) Rip up said 5 year plan!

19) Stop flaking.

20) Learn to cook a three course meal.



For fun:

21) Get a tattoo.

22) Go a whole day without technology.

23) Get a bonus.

24) Have a declutter.

25) Smile more (but talk an equal amount)

Source: BreakAway

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