Friday Favs: In the Heights

So, you know how yesterday was supposedly my last day of In the Heights Takeover week…I may or may not have spent the entire plane journey to Greece listening to Hamilton and In the Heights

Okay, less may. More ‘tell me something I don’t know’!

Today’s edition of Friday Favourites, therefore, is In the Heights themed. It’s a collection of my favourite videos from the show or about the journey of the show, which I thought I’d share with you all! Enjoy!

The 2016 Olivier performance, featuring members of the cast I have interviewed this week. Oh, and it’s of ‘96,000’. Need I say more?!


And the original broadway cast version, to compare.


N.B. Also watch with this #LookAtWhereWeAre #LookAtWhereWeStarted


I am yet to watch this, but I’m pretty sure I’ll blitz through this while on holiday!


I didn’t even write it and I tear up watching this Flash Mob tribute!


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