A Few of My Favourite…Christmas Presents

Happy New Year everyone (aka ‘thank God we made it through the last one!’)

Today marked the return to work for me, and I’m already longing for the holidays again. So much so, I have booked my trips for next year already. And no, I didn’t send my holiday request form at the start of the day…I only saved it as a draft at 9.58 to send later!

I thought I’d share some of my favourite presents with you all, to ease myself back into writing. And also because I am in denial about Christmas being over. Literally, all I want to do is watch Elf and wear Christmas socks. Being the theatre-fan I am, quite a few of my presents were theatre related. Well, I say general ‘theatre related’, more like one show…can you possibly guess which one…?

In case you couldn’t guess, it’s Hamilton. I got the Hamilton Mixtape from my Not-So-Secret-Santa, and the calendar and t-shirt from my Mum and Dad. I also gifted myself a theatre one: tickets to the final performance of In the Heights.

I also got given some clothes and jewellery. These include some wrap dress from New Look which I of course am wearing to work and 1) are making me feel like DVF but 2) also very cold! Mum got me some rings which I have become a tad obsessed with mixing and matching.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! What did you get? Anything theatre-y? Like these lucky people who got Hamilton tickets.


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