My Theatre Picks – 2017

Earlier this month, I looked back at my favourite shows from 2016. 2017 promises to be an exciting year for theatre, and I already have one or two shows booked…and by one or two I mean per month…up to and including December…and it’s not even February! That’s essentially an average of booking two a day!

Across the pond, Broadway bids farewell to a number of shows this year and welcomes others, including Amélie, Sunset Boulevard and Miss Saigon. Closer to home, the RSC is doing a Rome Season, Shakespeare’s Globe celebrates its 20th anniversary, and the Victoria Palace Theatre is reopening with a certain show. Speaking of which, on to what I’m looking forward to this year…

Angels in America
, The National Theatre

It took me two days to get these tickets, after missing out on Entry Pass (1,200th in the queue but I waited with hope!) But the wait will be worth it. This seminal piece of theatre explores life and death, love and sex, heaven and hell in mid-1980s America. Returning to the National, Angels in America was first performed there in the 1990s.


HamiltonVictoria Palace Theatre

Did you really think this wouldn’t make the list? Last week, tickets went on sale for priority booking and I happy to say that I am indeed going to be in the room where it happens! British audiences have had so long to wait for it (wait for it, wait for it…), but it’s time to raise a glass as this tiny island across the sea welcomes a story about one of the Founding Fathers of America, told in hip-hop.


2017 SeasonThe Old Vic

2016 at the Old Vic offered a bit of everything, from the musical Groundhog Day, to classic Shakespeare King Lear and dance extravagznza Jekyll and Hyde. 2017 has plenty in store for audiences, with Woyzeck starring John Boyega and Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead featuring Daniel Radcliffe and just confirmed David Haig.


Moulin RougeSecret Cinema

This one technically isn’t theatre, but it is a performance of some kind. In the initial days of Secret Cinema, you would be told the venue, time and show all at the last minute. And you might not even know the show until the film started! Secret Cinema has become less secret in recent years, announcing the show prior to the event. I have been to Back to the Future and am even more excited for this year’s: Moulin Rouge.


Play That Goes Wrong, Broadway Transfer

Since we are getting Hamilton, it’s only fair the US gets something of ours. Helmed by film-producer-turned-theatre-producer JJ Abrams, The Play That Goes Wrong is heading to Broadway. But how will the slapstick, panto style translate with American audiences? Abrams certainly doesn’t think this will be an issue: ‘When I saw The Play That Goes Wrong on the West End, I hadn’t laughed that hard – seen something as preposterously absurd or wonderfully hilarious – in ages. To be part of the team bringing this inspired comedy to Broadway is a true honor.’


Hamlet, Almeida Theatre

The first Shakespeare on the list and my first one of 2017. Featuring Andrew Scott as the eponymous Dane, this marks the second Sherlock star to take on the role recently, with Benedict Cumberbatch taking on the role at the BarbicanHamlet is not one of my favourite Shakespeare productions to watch or read, so I am always keen to see new versions which will ignite my passion for the play. And hopefully this one will!


Rome Season, RSC

Following a big 2016 for Shakespeare, the RSC is following up with a Rome Season. I have already booked tickets to one of the shows: Julius Caesar. This is my first time in Stratford Upon Avon for a while, so I’m very excited to return to Bard-country and see a friend of mine perform.


And everything else to come…


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