The 10 Steps of Booking Hamilton Tickets

Public Booking opened yesterday for the London transfer of Hamilton, giving all of us on this tiny island across the sea the chance to see the hit show. To say people are excited about getting tickets is a bit of an understatement…myself included…


Thanks to organised-past-me, I was able to get mine during Priority Booking. But well done to those of you who got your yesterday Public Booking and having to wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…Unlike booking for Harry Potter and the Cursed (which felt literally cursed), the Ticketmaster system was actually prepared for the hurricane of Hamiltonians which would hit. Here’s my recap of the ten stages of booking Hamilton and, of course, there are ten things you need to know we all know…


1) You’ve spent the last year listening to the soundtrack, Googling “Hamilton London” every day, but today is that day. FINALLY…

Source: BabsTheBatGirl


2) But booking opens 12.00pm. If anybody asks you what you’re doing for the next hour, your mind is at…

Source: Thrifty Theatre Thinker

(though technically your eyes, fingers and heart are getting Hamilton tickets)


3) You’ve already agreed who’s taking your spare(s)…


Source: Rosie and Jessica


4) And you have some idea how you’re going to pay for the tickets…


Source: The Odyssey Online


5) 12.00 IS HERE! And you are a fan on a mission…


Source: Tumblr

(you are OT throwing away your shot)


6) Your friends are amazed when you get through to booking so quickly…

Source: Her Campus

(‘cos you have the booking page loaded on three screens, each with incognito windows, and your mobile)


7) And you manage to find the date you want! But there’s a queue…

Source: Buzzfeed


8) AND YOU GOT THEM! Surprisingly easily! But you act cool…

Source: Giphy

(but really you’re dying inside like…)

Source: Tumblr


9) And it’s time to say goodbye to your money…

Source: 2048 Online

(well you’re never gonna be able to pay rent now…)


10) But it’s worth it and now the countdown begins: only 324 days to go…


Source: Amino Apps


For more information about Hamilton in the West End and to book tickets, visit the official website.


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