25 Birthday Resolutions

Today is my Birthday! And I literally can’t think of any musical reference to tie into this…I must be getting older!

I’m turning the big 25 and I’m celebrating in the most Theatre way possible: going to a club night which only plays Broadway tunes. Three things to note: 1) I haven’t been clubbing in…ever; 2) I didn’t know such club nights existed; and 3) even if I did, it still wouldn’t explain why I haven’t been to one in ages. I just don’t like loud music!

As I’m turning 25, I thought I would come up with 25 resolutions for the year ahead. Because apparently I’m a glutton for punishment and just 10 would be too easy apparently! They were hard enough to think of, let alone accomplish I imagine!

  1. Take a photo or video every day
  2. Write my play
  3. Blog 5 times a week
  4. But don’t feel bad if I don’t
  5. Use my 16-25 theatre discount as much as possible (*sniff*)
  6. Read a book a month
  7. Get on top of finances to save for house…
  8. And a bit for holiday
  9. Visit a new city/country
  10. Eat healthier
  11. Get fit
  12. Meditate
  13. Start a new hobby
  14. Stop pulling (hair)
  15. Get back on top of my OCD
  16. Find the positives…
  17. But also learn to accept when things aren’t okay and respond appropriately
  18. Talk the same amount, smile more
  19. Talk the same amount, listen more
  20. Improve photography skills
  21. Learn a language
  22. Be able to cook 7 separate dishes
  23. See 52 theatre shows (essentially one a week)
  24. Make time for me
  25. Don’t dream it; be it

2 thoughts on “25 Birthday Resolutions

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Such brilliant dreams. That 16-25 one I definitely need to do more. I’m also going to Spain soon and it’s made me really sad about all the Spanish I’ve forgotten since A-Levels.



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