Review: The Wonderland Bar ❤❤❤❤

Prepare to fall head over heels in love with The Wonderland Bar, as you tumble head first down the rabbit hole known as Waterloo Vaults.

There’s no need to choose between EAT ME or DRINK ME: The Wonderland Bar gives you both with a wide range of food, drinks and entertainment. Open to both theatre goers and the general public, whether you’re a Diamond or Club, Walrus or Oyster, all are welcome.


Themed around Alice in Wonderland, the bar provides a space for theatregoers to wait before the show starts. The design prepares you somewhat for what is to come: dark and dreamy, trapezes hang from ceilings as the moon winks at you. There’s plenty to do before the show itself starts aside from eat and drink. Take a look into the looking glass in the photo-booth, try your hand at flamingo croquet, or just dance the night away to their mad mixes.

The themes do not stop with the setting; all the food and drinks have a cheeky nod to Alice. The cocktails are a must try and are all prepared by hand. With an eclectic mix on offer, there’s something to whatever fits your fancy all priced at £9 or £10. My personal picks are the refreshing Painting the Roses Red and the surprise of Just Half a Cup of Tea. And of course, Who Stole All the Tarts? although it soon becomes obvious who did steal all the tarts (or at least one!) The food is less exciting, but still good grub. Burgers such as The Jabberwocky will set you back £8.75 and The March Hare’s Saucy Mac at £6.


Prices are a bit high particularly for the drinks, but it is a themed bar after all. And in London! Underground and under wraps, The Wonderland Bar is a wonderful secret for Queens, Cards and Southbankers alike. Come on down for a mad hatter’s tea party with a difference!

For more information about the bar or Alice’s Adventures Underground, visit the website.


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