Dear Diary…

My theatre obsession has a job count!

(Can you tell I’ve just been introduced to the wonder that is Heathers!)

After a relatively long hiatus, I’m back. Although my absence has been with good reason. Since the last time I properly updated you, quite a lot has happened.

I’ve been promoted at the Globe, and I also have another job. I have officially joined the team over at BroadwayWorld as a Reviewer. So yes, just a few little things!

Source: Teenage Fanatic

Now I’ve had a few months to settle into the rhythm of life, reviews and features will be up more regularly. Next week, I’ll be posting some interviews from both West End and Off West End shows. And, of course, I’ll let you know what I’ll be seeing soon too and my picks for the month ahead!

But today’s update portends something else too. I am going to review Latitude Festival for BWW this weekend…

I know, right?!

Photo Credit: Matt Eachus

I am not the biggest Festival-goer in the world. So much so, I don’t have a tent, dry shampoo, a sleeping mat, a rucksack…it was a very busy lunch time for me!

This weekend I will be away, but thanks to Press Tent privileges, I will have wifi and charging points. I’ll keep you all in the loop, tweeting anything tweetable and instagramming anything Instagrammable! I’ll be doing some interviews and reviews while I’m there, so be sure to check the BroadwayWorld UK on Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks for all the continued support and love. We’ll talk soon!


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