You Want a Resolution…

Happy New Year, everyone!

Welcome to 2018 and a new year of Thrifty Theatre. You’ll notice some changes coming to the blog over the next few weeks, and not just in the look…also in the fact that there will actually be more regular content!

Each week in 2018, I’ll be posting brand new interviews on a Wednesday, as well as reviews of West End shows every Friday. And speaking of 2018…

Last night, before the clock struck twelve and 2018 began, something happened. No, I didn’t drop my shoe on a staircase and no, a handsome prince has not come to whisk me away to my happy ever after!

Instead, I started writing my own happy ending.

Source: Unicornita

I wrote a list of New Year’s Resolutions. Well, they started out as resolutions and quickly devolved from there. From writing down all these random thoughts, I was left with about 30+ points.

Some were things I wanted to leave behind in 2017. Some were ways I wanted to live looking into 2018. And some where very random thoughts and questions. Case in point, the wrongly spelled and shouted: ‘TATOO?’

Now, 30 resolutions is a feat and a lot to keep to. And I am not the best at commitment. I know I’ve written my resolutions before on this blog, and I don’t even want to look back at them. #ThePastIsInThePast

But going through all my random thoughts and feelings from 2017, I found patterns emerging. So rather than committing to what I want to do in 2018, I’ve decided that my resolutions are going to be how I want to live.

Copy of Love Watercolor Wreath Print.jpg

Live healthier
Of course, achieving this lifestyle brings together the many whats from my initial, rambling list. Being healthier will mean cooking more at home, going to the gym more frequently, and perhaps starting a new sport.

Live happier
Happiness can be found in a number of areas: whether it’s socialising with old friends, learning new skills or seeing more theatre. Definitely the last is a big one for me, and I’m kicking the year off right by seeing two shows this week!

Live honestly
In the vein of being more honest, this one was purely because I love alliteration and couldn’t think of a third. But it worked out well!

By living more honestly, I mean with myself. I need to take time to review and evaluate how I feel, what I’m doing and who I am. And hopefully, the first two will help to inform that.

So here’s to 2018 and the journey it brings both you and me.


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