25 Birthday Resolutions

Today is my Birthday! And I literally can’t think of any musical reference to tie into this…I must be getting older! I’m turning the big 25 and I’m celebrating in the most Theatre way possible: going to a club night which only plays Broadway tunes. Three things to note: 1) I haven’t been clubbing in…ever; 2) I didn’t know such club nights existed; and 3) … Continue reading 25 Birthday Resolutions

25 Before 25 – Bucket List

After a somewhat false start a few weeks ago, I’m back! (But I feel we can excuse that, given it was Olympics season!) And it’s back to life, back to reality or rather dramatised fiction as I’m seeing four shows in the next five days. The one day I’m not out at the theatre, I’m watching Bake Off, which is dramatic enough! Expect a few reviews this … Continue reading 25 Before 25 – Bucket List

Brexit: A Prologue

A few days ago, the UK made a monumental decision: they officially agreed to leave the European Union. I use ‘monumental’, because it denotes a big change though does not imply whether said change is good or not. And ‘they’, because I was among the 48% who voted to remain. A once United Kingdom, we are now divided. There’s a lot of rage. But I thought I would … Continue reading Brexit: A Prologue

Outrun, Outrun, Outlast, Outlast…

Macmillan Cancer Support is setting a challenge for May: Outrun. The aim is to try and run as far as you can, out besting your previous best, all raising money for the charity which supports those affected by Cancer. Fortunately for me, I have no previous best run (except the distance between the barriers and Platform 10 at London Bridge!) So my distance to run … Continue reading Outrun, Outrun, Outlast, Outlast…