Review: Chronos @ Basic Space ****

The first person narrative is one that creates a unique relationship between audience and character. Putting the reader, watcher or player in their shoes (and even mind), it creates a connection and level of intimacy unparalleled. Some theatre has tapped into the potential of this genre: in Secret Cinema, you are immersed in a world and assigned a character, interacting with actors in other roles. This, however, is often within … Continue reading Review: Chronos @ Basic Space ****

Mind the Ga(s)p

There’s nothing quite like the feeling a shared collective response to a performance. Whether you’re the actor hearing it, hearing just how engrossed people are in your show, or you’re a member of said collective, partaking in a wholly unifying experience. This can take a number of forms from laughter at its simplest, to a standing ovation at its most joyous. It is, however, another … Continue reading Mind the Ga(s)p