Review: The Weatherman (Basic Space) ****

Taking on big issues can seem a daunting task. Why are you telling this story? Who should be speaking it? How do you tread the thin line between being pertinent and being preachy? Such is an issue faced by Quirk in their green show: The Weatherman. But they needn’t worry. Like your carbon footprint, this show will leave a mark. It’s indelible and a highly personal and enjoyable experience. For as … Continue reading Review: The Weatherman (Basic Space) ****

Review: The Inevitable Disappearance of Edward J. Neverwhere ****

Edward J. Neverwhere is not real. But his story is. Exploring the power of memory, The Inevitable Disappearance of Edward J. Neverwhere immerses audiences in a world of pure imagination. But in a show that relies on telling not showing, audiences may need to use their imagination to make sense of a somewhat convoluted narrative. Created by his childhood friend, he may be imagined but everything he feels is … Continue reading Review: The Inevitable Disappearance of Edward J. Neverwhere ****

Review: A Lost Art (Basic Space) ***

Letters capture a unique and single moment in time. A Lost Art takes these snapshots from the past and breathes new life into them. But not in speech: through dance. What results is vibrant and vibrant storytelling, but one which has lacks the intimacy of its inspiration. From dance based theatre company Palms Down, A Lost Art invites audiences to rediscover the art of writing. Escape into an … Continue reading Review: A Lost Art (Basic Space) ***

Review: Orwell’s Voice (Basic Space) *****

The voice is a powerful tool. At its loudest, it can rouse and rally; in silence, it still speaks. In writing, it records the past, informs the present, and speaks to the future. In Orwell’s Voice, Callum Berridge explores the power of that writer’s voice and his own. Performative and enduring, I have never seen anything like this on stage. Despite being one of the … Continue reading Review: Orwell’s Voice (Basic Space) *****

Review: DRINKS *** (Basic Space)

Immersive theatre is continuing to grow in popularity over the last few years: audiences are invited into an expansive world, with a whole host of characters and experiences to be explored. In some cases, these world provide an escape from hum-drum reality into fantasy. DRINKS creates a world not unlike our own, as Three Pegs Productions explores the challenges facing young people in London today. Sharp, short … Continue reading Review: DRINKS *** (Basic Space)

Review: Glaucoma *** (Basic Space Festival)

There is a blindness… A show which takes on one big issue faces a challenge. A show which takes on multiple issues, an even bigger one. A show which takes on how we ourselves take on these issues, the biggest. Ambitious and articulate, CapaTaro Theatre’s Glaucoma perhaps takes on too much. People are blind to the problems before them: homelessness, environmentalism, consumerism. The list goes … Continue reading Review: Glaucoma *** (Basic Space Festival)

Interview: Dom Riley (Quirk)

Basic Space is now underway, with just a few days left for Londoners to see site-sensitive theatre on their very doorstep. Quite literally actually, as the shows are taking over two Victorian houses in Peckham. One of these is The Weatherman, an eco-friendly show both in content and construction. Mounting a green show can be a challenge and one which Writer and Director Dom Riley is aware … Continue reading Interview: Dom Riley (Quirk)