Review: Chronos @ Basic Space ****

The first person narrative is one that creates a unique relationship between audience and character. Putting the reader, watcher or player in their shoes (and even mind), it creates a connection and level of intimacy unparalleled. Some theatre has tapped into the potential of this genre: in Secret Cinema, you are immersed in a world and assigned a character, interacting with actors in other roles. This, however, is often within … Continue reading Review: Chronos @ Basic Space ****

My Theatre Picks – 2017

Earlier this month, I looked back at my favourite shows from 2016. 2017 promises to be an exciting year for theatre, and I already have one or two shows booked…and by one or two I mean per month…up to and including December…and it’s not even February! That’s essentially an average of booking two a day! Across the pond, Broadway bids farewell to a number of shows this … Continue reading My Theatre Picks – 2017